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SA Franchise Warehouse is proud to host a series of articles by Dr Vijay Bahadur, during which he will share with us the secrets contained in his book “Succeed with Nothing”. In this first segment of the How to “Succeed with Nothing” series we introduce the man behind the story. Brand name, Dr Vijay Bahadur, conceptualised March

Succeeding with nothing is a never-ending, continuous increasing of wisdom in achieving one’s objectives. Therefore the author introduces this psychology as a golden thread to follow in this article. The seventh factor on the path of enlightenment serves grounds for wisdom, mental calmness and even temper, especially in difficult situations. This has been the antidote for

The difficulty in obtaining funding is a longstanding and often lamented problem experienced by SME’s. WHILE THE LACK of funding continues to be a major concern for aspiring entrepre-neurs and business owners, Minister Patel of the Economic Development Ministry recently announced a R1-billion funding initiative. Aimed at funding/promoting small business development, this initiative will be adminis-trated

Bahadur Bahadur

Dr. Bahadur Bahadur.

Dr. Bahadur has over 30 years of experience as a global entrepreneur. He is an expert in driven motivational speaking, entrepreneur development, an executive coach, author, lecturer and enforcer of Neuropsychology Science of Achievement.

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