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Enterprise Incubation Programme, EIP.

The Institute 4 Success Business Incubator, lead by Dr. Bahadur, serving as an instrument, aimed at strengthening the business systems and strategic direction, through a combination of business development services, funding and access to the physical space necessary to conduct business for incubatees. The EIP supported an incubator for the first time offering long-term incubation.


The program targeted South African registered tax compliant entities, namely, small-medium micro enterprises (SMMEs) and co-operatives. Henceforth, assisting/supporting struggling incubatees who were at the early stage, in the township and rural areas with potential to create livelihoods, but needed extensive targeted guidance in business improvement. Support for women, youth and people with disabilities were prioritized in the incubator. The incubator focused on the service sector industry.


The Institute is supported by the Department of Small Business Development in line with the mandate of The National Development Plan – Vision 2030, with a resultant of job creation.

Enterprise Incubation Programme [EIP]
Bahadur Bahadur

Dr. Bahadur Bahadur.

Dr. Bahadur has over 30 years of experience as a global entrepreneur. He is an expert in driven motivational speaking, entrepreneur development, an executive coach, author, lecturer and enforcer of Neuropsychology Science of Achievement.

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