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Dr. Bahadur has developed a unique trainings methodology aimed at getting greater achievements and results. Dr Bahadur is the dynamic enforcer of the 1+1=3 philosophy that is guaranteed to work for anyone who practices it.

His teachings are broken down so that anybody can understand and succeed, he will get you there and never gives up on you.

He is passionate about making entrepreneurs, creating self-sustaining jobs, teaching people that anybody can be an entrepreneur, as long as they have the courage, determination and are hungry enough to succeed. Dr Bahadur changes your life with his sincerity, honesty, ethicalness and professionalism.  He doesn’t give up, when one way doesn’t work, he tries another.  According to Dr Bahadur, “failure is not an option, when you fail, when you fall, you get up, dust yourself off, and start again.”

Bahadur Bahadur

Dr. Bahadur Bahadur.

Dr. Bahadur has over 30 years of experience as a global entrepreneur. He is an expert in driven motivational speaking, entrepreneur development, an executive coach, author, lecturer and enforcer of Neuropsychology Science of Achievement.

+27 64 894 2432